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Alan Caso is a cinematographer who served as director of photography on the 2 1999 Muppet films, Muppets from Space & The Adventures of Elmo in GROUCHland. For the latter film, Caso discussed some of the complexities of the task in the presskit:

"In this film, I wasn't able to use the camera as a point of reference from which you see the world of the movie. It was more like looking at it from a childs knees. The Muppeteers hold the Muppets up over their heads so that they are about 6 feet up in the air, & any humans in the scene are up in the air about 9 feet because they stand on 3-foot platforms in order to be in perspective with the Muppets. Im standing on the floor looking up at everything. We had to work off ladders & platforms using a remote camera on a large crane which did nt allow us to look through the camera while we were lighting & shooting, but through a videotape on a remote head.

...Another challenge was keeping Elmo from glowing. He was so red that we tried to use a differentlight to offset some of the redness. The thing about all Muppets is that they suck up the light. Elmo, Grover, Telly, Cookie Monster, those characters really suck up the light. OSCAR lit the best. There were definite considerations to be dealt with in keeping light on the Muppets & trying to minimize it on the humans."

Casos other credits in Reindeer Games, Ed, Midnight Kiss, & Hotel Oklahoma. His most prolific work has been in television, however, on such series as Sliders, Any Day Now, Joan of Arcadia, & 6 Feet Under (which he also directed an episode of). TV movies & miniseries, include Tom Clancys Op-Center, Shake, Rattle & Roll, Frankenstein, Into the West & The Librarian: Quest for the Spear.

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