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Ask OSCAR is a recurring series of SESAME STREET sketches from the 1980s. Each segment was introduced by Telly Monster, & they involved OSCAR THE GROUCH answering mail from viewers, most of them GROUCHES, although OSCAR has gotten a few questions from non-GROUCH viewers.

This sketch as also revived as the main street story in EPISODE 4118.


Picture Segment / EKA Description
In and On
Episode 1493
In the premiere segment, TELLY reads a letter from Yucchina Blechman of Sandusty, Ohio, who wishes to know about on & in. OSCAR thinks TELLY should help with the demonstration. He produces a box, which he puts on his head, then has TELLY put his head in the box. He repeats this using a bucket, to TELLY’s chagrin. TELLY wishes to switch roles in the proceedings. OSCAR puts some ripped-up newspaper in a box, then throws the pieces on TELLY.
1505 02
Episode 1505
TELLY reads a letter from Matilda Yucchman of Chagrin Falls, whose Aunt Alice gifted her a "UD" & she doesn’t know what to do with it. OSCAR has also been given the same thing & shows how to make it into the word "MUD."
The COUNT Cohosts
Episode 1573
TELLY is on vacation, so COUNT VON COUNT takes his place. Unfortunately, the Count (being himself) just has too much fun Counting the questions mailed in by viewers; he just doesnt give OSCAR the chance to answer 1 before moving along to the next! When the COUNT gets up to 6, an exasperated OSCAR annoyingly hollers at him, "Will you stop COUNTing the questions!!?" The Counts reply: "Ah, that makes 7. 7 questions! Ah ah ah ah!!" As both thunder & lightning flash, OSCAR sighs, "Can you believe this!?" That, of course, makes 8 questions...
Ask Oscar Love
About Love
In a two-part segment, TELLY stops the show, knowing full well that OSCAR isn’t going to cooperate & come out of his TRASH CAN on cue. OSCAR, however, keeps his promise & comes out, but goes back inside before TELLY can present the question. Learning that the question is from GRUNDGETTA, asking about love, OSCAR answers by singing "Love in the JUNKyard."
Ask Oscar 1
Planning for Vacation
Episode 1845
Bob fills in for TELLY as OSCAR shows how he would plan for a vacation. OSCAR packs a suitcase, roughly exactly as Bob would, but when Bob lifts the suitcases everything falls out though a torn side.
Ask Oscar 4
V Word OSCAR gets a letter from a GROUCH named Harriet McMUD who wants OSCAR to talk about a V word. OSCAR talks about the V word "Vibrate". TELLY doesnt know what "vibrate" means, so OSCAR has Telly hit a steel V that OSCAR has with a hammer, which gives them both a vibrating feeling.
Ask Oscar-Discuss
Do GROUCHES Like Discussions? TELLY gets a letter asking if GROUCHES like to have discussions. OSCAR, however, wont come out of his TRASH CAN, & refuses to discuss the question.
Ask Oscar 2
Longest GROUCH Word
Episode 2275
Timi who is a friend of Lindas assists OSCARs translating OSCARs words in sign language. OSCAR answers a letter from someone who wants to know what the longest GROUCH word he knows is. OSCAR says that the word is "supercalifragilistic-YUCKa-alidocious" (a reference to "Mary Poppins"), which is hard to sign, especially when OSCAR repeats it many times.
Ask Oscar 3
Linda Substitutes
Episode 2401
A grumpy Linda substitutes for OSCAR.
Ask Oscar 5
The Letter X OSCAR is asked what the letter X is good for. OSCAR shows that the letter X can be used to cross out his daily annoyances, such as bothersome neighbors, annoying letters & annoying letter readers (TELLY).
2678 e
Episode 2678
TELLY reads a question from a GROUCH who wishes to know what sound the letters "SH" make. OSCAR makes the "Shhhhh" sound, but TELLY thinks hes shushing him.




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