• Kermits333

    I remember an Episode (grouch related) where Vern Sagely, (former Muppeteer, Jerry Nelson), Telly Monster and Zoe Monster (as cowboys Readers of the Open Range) read words by Celina (Season 26 1994-1995) Episode 3364 of Sesame Street but Oscar told the "Readers" to go away! Soon, they interrupted a Ducks film featured by Chopin's piano music but the Muppet wiki version of this Episode, unfortunately, does not have it published. (The page is locked). Does anybody remember the Episode's format? I'm having trouble memorizing it!


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  • GrouchMan

    Everyone knows how much OSCAR THE GROUCH & his girlfriend GRUNDGETTA adore each other. They also almost got married in 1 episode, but they both backed out right at the last minute. Could it ever happen for real? What do you think??

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