Camille Bonora

Camille Bonora

Camille Bonora (sometimes credited as Camille Kampouris) has been a HENSON performer since the 1980s. She is also the Muppeteer who provided the voice for Goldilocks, arch rival of DAVID RUDMANs Baby Bear on SESAME STREET. She also provided the voice for the lead Anything Muppet doo wop singer of BRUNO & the TRASHmen who sing Put IT in the TRASH CAN to tell people to put their TRASH in the TRASH CAN where IT belongs. She also voiced 1 of the GROUCH Explorers.

Bonora graduated from Catholic University of America. She has appeared in a wide range of stage & broadcast productions, from improvisational comedy to advertising voiceovers. She co-wrote & performed the character of Eddie in the Christian home video series, Ben & Eddie. She is now on the editorial Board for Kairos Journal.[1]

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