Lillian Big Sister

Bartletts short "Lillian, Big Sister"

Craig Bartlett (b. 1956) is an animation artist who created the Nickelodeon animated series Hey Arnold! & also served stints on Ren & Stimpy & Rugrats. Prior to that, however, he worked as a stop-motion animator for Will Vinton & others & produced shorts for SESAME STREET in the early 1990s, with characters laid flat against clay backdrops. 1 of these starred Arnold, later to be adapted for cel animation, & was the third of 3 Arnold shorts.

Bartlett worked with the JIM HENSON Company on several projects. He served as producer & writer for The Skrumps, served as a writer & story editor on Sid the Science Kid, wrote the first Unstable Fables feature, 3 Pigs & a Baby, & is the creator & executive producer of JIM HENSONs Dinosaur Train.


  • Lillian & Pride -- Lillian recalls the time she joined her parents & baby sister on a hike up the hill. Lillian hiked to the top herself, & is proud of the fact.
  • Arnold Rides His Chair -- Arnold demonstrates the power of imagination, taking a journey without ever leaving his chair. Included in the video release Imagine That.
  • Lillian, Big Sister -- Lillian discusses the adjustments she had to make when her parents had a new baby. She ultimately appreciates her sister. Included on the VHS release A New Baby in My House. (EKA: Episode 2746)

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