Dick Maitland

Dick Maitland receiving his Emmy for technical achievement in sound, in 2006.

Dick Maitland is a sound effects/foley artist who has worked continuously on SESAME STREET & its various spin-off specials since 1969. Maitland has won 11 Emmy Awards for his work. His sound effects were also heard on the vast majority of SESAME STREET albums.

Maitland, then & now, created many of his sounds through manual foley, in the tradition of old-time radio sound men, including Cookie Monsters cookie eating noises, footsteps for Muppets, & crashes. As Maitland recalled, "The 1st job I had was for a song called 'Windy. 'They wanted a big crash at the end[...] So I went & got all the stagehands, & we made this big pile of crap in the middle of the stage. & at the right point, I threw myself at the pile & smashed it all over the floor."[1] Maitland is also the person who currently performs the squeaky voice of OSCAR THE GROUCHs pet SLIMEY; the Muppetry is operated by MARTIN P. ROBINSON.

When Maria 1st gave birth to Gabi on SESAME STREET, Maitlands 3 month old son, Bryan was used for the initial episode.[2]

Along with Barbara Wood, Roy Carch, Terry Ross, Bernard Fambrough, Bob Ring & others, Maitland also provided the sound design for the Muppet specials The Muppet Show: Sex & Violence & Emmet Otters Jug-Band Christmas. To date, along with the rest of the shows sound crew, Dick Maitland has received 11 Daytime Emmy Awards for either best sound mixing or sound editing (& in 2012, for both categories) & multiple nominations.

Maitland has also supplied sound effects for such series as The Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact, Maya & Miguel, the Nick Jr. show Wonder Pets & 3rd & Bird. Maitland is also a live "sweetener" (making sounds more audible) whose credits include Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Grammy Awards, A Capitol Fourth, Christmas in Washington & Fashion Rocks. He provided surround effects for the 1 World, 1 Sky: BIG BIRDs Adventure Planetarium grand opening in Beijing, China. For records, Maitland worked on comedian/impressionist David Fryes Richard Nixon albums I Am the President & Radio Free Nixon.


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