Don't Drop Inn
"Bad Eats: DONT Drop Inn"
DEBUT 1985
Bad Eats Kitchen

The kitchen

The DONT Drop Inn is a GROUCH diner in Follow That BIRD. OSCAR THE GROUCH & Maria stop there for "an unforgettable dining experience." Crowded, noisy, with an ambiance defined by the smell of burnt food, raucous music, & assorted stains, the place caters almost exclusively to GROUCHES, with a few rather tough-looking human customers scattered about.

The staff appears to be limited to a human waitress, a human cook & a GROUCH kitchen assistant. The diner is decorated with typical GROUCH signs, including "Have a Lousy Day" & a neon device blazing "GET LOST".




  • Oatmeal (Cold Lumpy, Cod Liver, or Moldy)
  • Soup (with fly)
  • Cooked Jell-o
  • A stack of spaghetti with maple syrup
  • Meatloaf with marshmallow sauce
  • MUD cakes
  • Candied clams with French dressing
  • Cream of garlic soup with maraschino cherries
  • Roast beef with butterscotch & anchovies
  • Ham with donuts & oatmeal sauce
  • Tossed salad (conveyed to diners through a small catapult)


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