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DEBUT 1989

Dr. Kvetch is a GROUCH doctor who made recurring appearances on SESAME STREET in the 1980s & 1990s.

He appeared as early as EPISODE 1599, making a house call to OSCARs TRASH CAN, discovering hes come down with the the GROUCH Flu," an ailment that makes GROUCHES act nice.

He appeared later in EPISODE 2630, now diagnosing OSCARs niece, IRVINE with the same infliction. Dr. Kvetch prescribes rest, fluids, & staying away from nice people. He re-appears at the episodes end, when OSCAR is now infected with the GROUCH Flu. However, the doctor flees the scene, fearing for his own safety.

He later re-appeared in EPISODE 3589, performed by JERRY NELSON.

The puppet was originally used as Osvaldo, el Gruñón.




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