GROUCH Apprentice
Air date September 28, 2005
Season SEASON 35 (2005)
Sponsors W, 0
Releases HBO Kids, Online Streaming


Street Scenes
Picture Segment Description
Healthy habits bike Elmo
Healthy Moment - Maria asks, "What is a great way to be healthy & strong?" At that moment, kids pass by on their bikes & Elmo comes in on his tricycle with the song, "Riding My Tricycle", playing in the background.
4104 a

4104 b
In the Arbor area, OSCAR, GRUNDGETTA, OmaGROSSa & SWAMPyare chanting for somebody called DONALD GRUMP. OSCAR thinks he hears him coming & the GROUCHES get all excited. However, it was Maria & the GROUCHES groan. When Maria asked whom they were expecting, OSCAR explained that they were waiting for DONALD GRUMP, who has the most TRASH of any other GROUCH in the world & has his name on it. This leads to a song about "GRUMP" as DONALD GRUMP emerges from his TRASH CAN.
4104 c
SCENE, cont'd
When the song ends, DONALD GRUMP announces that he is looking for a GROUCH apprentice to help sort through his TRASH. Not only will 1 of them become his helper, but they also they get to keep some of GRUMPs TRASH. Before he starts his search, he fires GRUNDGETTA, OmaGROSSa & SWAMPy by saying, "SCRAM, youre fired" cause he felt like it. OMAGROSSA & SWAMPY leave the area & chase after the taxi that DONALD GRUMP whistled for them.
4104 d
SCENE, cont'd
At that moment, after DONALD GRUMP exits his TRASH CAN, Elmo suddenly arrives cause he wants to be Donald GRUMPs helper. OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA disagree cause he's not a GROUCH & he is very nice & annoying. However, Donald Grump likes that kind of helper who is annoying & lets Elmo participate. Maria thinks Elmo should help her in the Mail It Shop, but Elmo wanted to help DONALD GRUMP first. After that, GRUMP fires Maria, who leaves in a huff to the Mail It Shop.
4104 e

4104 f
SCENE, cont'd
To be GRUMPs apprentice, OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA & Elmo have to pass "The GRUMP TRASH Test". The first test is to find out how many of his ROTTEN smelly fish can fit in a bucket. OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA are determined to win, but then they started arguing with each other on who is going to be the GRUMPs apprentice. While they argued, Elmo guessed that since the fish are big, 5 would fit in the bucket. He & DONALD GRUMP count the fish as GRUMP puts them in the bucket & Elmo was right. OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA are both surprised & told GRUMP that it wasn't fair since they were arguing.
4104 g

4104 h
SCENE, cont'd
GRUMP likes their really ROTTEN attitude so he gives them another chance. The next test is to sort his torn sneakers into 2 piles: 1 w/ 3 holes in the sneaker & 1 w/ 2 holes in the sneaker. OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA believe this would be easy, but then they start arguing on who is the best torn sneaker sorter. Elmo ends up sorting the entire pile of torn sneakers. OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA think it was UNfair again since they were arguing.
4104 i
SCENE, cont'd
DONALD GRUMP decides to give them 1 last chance. His last test is to find the most TRASH in 5 seconds. Again, OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA argued on who can find the most TRASH, while Elmo rushed off & he found 5 TRASH piles. When GRUMP went to OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA & asked how much TRASH they have, they replied they have 0.
4104 j
SCENE, cont'd
Elmo is happy that he is the GRUMPs apprentice. However, it turns out that GRUMP didn't like him cause he was too good & fires Elmo immediately. On the other hand, Elmo didn't mind cause he likes to help. GRUMP is surprised & mentions that Elmo wouldnt get his TRASH, which Elmo didnt want in the first place. However, Elmo wanted GRUMPs hairpiece, which is not a real loss since he has several. Elmo left happily with GRUMPs hairpiece to go help Maria at the Mail It Shop.
4104 k

4104 l
SCENE, cont'd
With only OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA left, GRUMP makes them both his helper cause of their really ROTTEN attitude. But when they learn they have to help to sort through his TRASH in order to get some, they both decide not to be his helper & fire DONALD GRUMP. DONALD GRUMP left in a taxi w/ his TRASH as OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA both enjoy sayin "SCRAM, You're Fired!" to each other.
2 girls friends
Kenya & Cherie are friends, even when they disagree about how they do their hair.
I Am Your Friend
Bob & Telly sing "I Am Your Friend".
Letter Day Games W
The Letter of the Day Games - W
Cookie Monster finds a watermelon, a wig & a wet Prairie Dawn in 1 minute, & wins a whole lot of cookies.
4113 z g
Wacky Wild Waldo dances with a wilting white lotus.
Larry King W
Celebrity / Muppets
Larry King interviews the letter "W".
3992 t
A man dances in a W costume on the beach.
Spanish Word of the Day manzana Slimey with Rosita
The Spanish Word of the Day - "Manzana"
SLIMEY eats an apple while Rosita introduces the word.
This segment was cut from the online & HBO versions.
Dino go higher
A dinosaur tries to eat an apple on a tree. A group of kids keep telling him to "GO HIGHER!"
Journey to Ernie jungle
Journey to Ernie - Jungle
BIG BIRD looks for Ernie in the jungle.
Ernie & Bert singing But I Like You
Ernie & BERT sing "But I Like You".
4134 z h

4134 z i
Global Grover - Grover has driven back from South Africa in his wire car. In his film, Niyanja & his cousins make toy cars out of scrap wire.
Count von Count with 0
The Number of the Day - 0
The Counts organ vanishes, leaving him with 0 organs. He counts 0elephants, 0yo-yos, & 0 gefilte fish. (
Cartoon take away food
A female voiceover sings about the food that keeps being taken away to make 0.
Zoe Wolfgang 0
Zoe & Wolfgang demonstrate the concept of 0.
Elmo's World

Elmo's World hair tickle me world
Elmos World - "Hair"
Trash Gordon (Giant Grumpy Guppy) 1
The Adventures of TRASH Gordon
Chapter 538
Trash Gordon scares a giant grumpy guppy away by pretending to be a kitty cat.



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