SLIMEY Adopts a Pet Bug
Air date October 7, 2008
Season Season 39
Sponsors W, 15
Syndication PBS Sprout
Releases Firefly Fun & Buggy Buddies


Street Scenes
Picture Segment Description
4175 Frightened
Whats the Word on the STREET? - Frightened
4175 a

4175 b
Gina meets up with OSCAR, who’s trying to start up THE SLOPPY JALOPY, & SLIMEY, who eagerly bounces up & down in his booster seat. She then learns that OSCAR is actually taking SLIMEY to now get his very own pet bug, which Gina finds pretty funny. They drive off, leaving Gina in the car exhaust.
4175 c

4175 d

4175 e
SCENE 1 cont’d
OSCAR & SLIMEY arrive at the Bug-a-Wee Bug Shelter & are greeted by Natalie (Molly Shannon). She introduces SLIMEY to the different kinds of bugs they have: The Detroit Dirt Digger, some Lackawanna Ladybugs (who are having a picnic), a Sisyphus from Syracuse & Chauncey (a flea that the dog it lives on comes with). The Detroit Dirt Digger looks at SLIMEY lovingly, so they pick him, while Natalie gets picked by Chauncey.
4175 f

4175 g

4175 h

4175 i
SCENE 1cont’d
Now back at their HOME, OSCAR & SLIMEY settle his new pet in. SLIMEY decides to name himDirty”. When SLIMEY says hello, Dirty quickly moves away, frightened. OSCAR consults The Bug Book Natalie gave them & sees that Dirty is frightened by his new surroundings. They try out the suggestions in the book to make him calmer. First, they dress like bugs by wearing antenna caps on their heads, but that’s not enough. The other thing the book suggests is they sing the “Welcome Bug Song”. They sing the song to Dirty (much to OSCAR’s disgust), who becomes less frightened & begins playing with SLIMEY.
Bugs Everywhere
Bugs Song” (vocals by Jennifer Barnhart)
Artist: Jane Aaron
Kids Bugs Flowers
Kids observe different types of bugs & flowers.(EKA: Episode 3696)

Eleanor Monster
A boy narrates a poem about how he met Eleanor, the monster under his bed. (new sound effects added)
Artist: ArtistMike
4175 Letter 1

4175 Letter 2
OSCAR & SLIMEY watch as Dirty digs a letter W in the dirt.
Waffle B
"Which of these things begins with the letter W, and tastes great for breakfast?"
3965 e
A salesman hawks the letter W in a commercial.
Artist: Mo Willems
(EKA: Episode 3242)

Murray Has A Little Lamb logo

4162 Murray Lamb 1

4162 Murray Lamb 2
Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray’s lamb, Ovejita, leads Murray to another escuela (school) using a pig as a clue. The school turns out to be farm school, where kids learn how to be veterinarians (people who take care of plants & animals).
"Guessing Game" portion cut, new intro added
Farmer grow corn
A farmer plants corn & waits for rain.
4175 Number 1

4175 Number 2
Gina checks up on SLIMEY & his pet bug & she sees Dirty write a 15 in the dirt.
Masked March 15
Masked March #15
Kid Mural 15
Kid mural painting #15
Abby & Elmo Dolls
Abby Cadabby plays with her doll, Prince, when Elmo meets up with her & wishes he had a doll with him. Abby plans to conjure up him one, but makes a pumpkin, then a hat & finally a marker. Elmo puts all those things together to make a doll of his own.
4097 take care
Kids talk about who they take care of.
4127 z i

4127 z j
Global Grover: G'day! Grover returns from Australia. In his film, Emily & her family fulfill the role of wildlife rescue volunteers. Afterwards, Grover looks for an animal he can assist & rescue. All the animals rebuff him, however, & he collapses from frustration. Soon, he finds himself the one being rescued!
Twiddle 4152
Muppets / Animation
The Twiddlebugs take a caterpillar in, thinking at first that it's a cat. After it doesn't drink any milk, and proves to have more than four legs, Tessie consults a book to discover that it's a caterpillar. They decide to name it "Cat."
Happy Happiness
"Happy Happiness" against footage of kids playing at a beach.
Elmo's World Pets bird
Elmos World - Pets
4175 Closing
OSCAR looks at the sponsors in the dirt again & SLIMEY gives his his new pet bug a big hug.


Picture Segment Description
4029 l
(Sprout version)
Hero Guy
Baby Bear gets distracted & draws Hero Guy with a Super Big Hand by accident. Now Hero Guy can play basketball faster & squeeze lemons for lemonade.
Water Baby
Joe Raposo sings "Water Baby" over footage of seals & kids swimming.

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