Mine-itis sweeps SESAME STREET
Air date October 24, 2008
Season Season 39
Sponsors G, 20
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout
Releases Making Friends


Street Scenes
Picture Segment Description
4181 Friend
Whats the Word on the STREET?: Friend
4181 a

4181 b

4181 c
Leela plans to have her lunch break with Elmo, when Bert, Grover & Cookie Monster wander by in a trance, chanting “Mine!” & swipe her food one by one.
4181 d

4181 e
SCENE cont’d
Just then, in a “SESAME STREET Nightly News Update”, Brian Williams reports that no one is sharing on SESAME STREET. He then continues to interrupt them when they have a question to ask. Leela & Elmo are in disbelief, so them set out to prove people are still sharing.
4181 f

4181 g

4181 h
SCENE cont’d
Them find BIG BIRD, whom they are sure will share. Elmo asks if he can hug Radar, but BIG BIRD holds his teddy bear back & shouts “Mine!” Snuffy then walks by with a balloon, but he too shouts “Mine!” & walks off. They then ask Alan for a newspaper, but Alan quickly grabs as many as he can & runs inside Hooper's Store. Brian Williams returns with another update – I told you so.” They stop him & ask what is wrong with everyone. He shows clips of some interviews he made, asking the same question.
4181 i

4181 j
SCENE cont’d
In his clips, he interviews Bob, who takes his microphone, & a chicken, who does the same. Leela concludes that he has no idea what’s going on, but assures them he will find out, until the chicken returns & takes his microphone again. Leela & Elmo then hear the sounds of someone sharing…
4181 k
SCENE cont’d
They walk into the arbor, where Luis, Maria & Gabi are having their annual family picnic of Mexican food. They are relieved to see someone still sharing.
4181 l

4181 m

4181 n

4181 o
SCENE cont’d
Leela & Elmo walk down the STREET, where Elmo makes his own report that people are still sharing, until OSCAR points out that it will not last, as there is a case of “Mine-itis”, a GROUCH disease, but everyone else seems to have gotten it too. (“Just lucky, I guess!”) OSCAR watches through his binoculars as Maria begins showing symptoms of Mine-itis: she gets itchy, then hops like a kangaroo, spins around, & finally starts taking all the food for herself. Brian Williams reports of another person getting Mine-itis, & his tie & microphone & stolen by another GROUCH, who doesn’t have Mine-itis, but just likes to take stuff. Leela hopes no one else gets it, but it quickly spreads to Luis & Gabi.
4181 p a

4181 p b

4181 p c
SCENE cont’d
As we pan down the street, we see all of the residents grabbing whatever they can, chanting “Mine!”
4181 q

4181 r

4181 s

4181 t
SCENE cont’d
Brian Williams makes another report & soon catches Mine-itis himself. Leela & Elmo become depressed, while OSCAR couldn’t be more delighted & celebrates with an anchovy sundae. Brian walks by again & takes OSCAR’s binoculars & sundae. Now painted into a corner, OSCAR is forced to tell them the cure, which is to get a GROUCH to share with you. OSCAR offers Brian an old shoe, which he takes & is immediately cured. OSCAR then cures the rest of the STREET, but not before getting 1 last look at the greedy STREET residents.
4181 u
SCENE cont'd
Brian Williams wraps the story up & the chicken returns to borrow his microphone this time & signs off for the both of them by saying "Good night, & good cluck"
3977 p
Cookie Monster sings “What is Friend?”, over scenes of a kid playing with his friend.
4140 claymation
Cavemen look for a place to sit.
Tilly & the Wall Alphabet
Tilly & the Wall perform “The Alphabet Song
Chris Letter

4181 Letter
The Letter of the Day: Chris planned on showing the view The Letter of the Day, but it was dirty so he’s washing it. In lieu of that, he shows the viewer the letter G in the washing machine.
3977 s
Kids so on a safari for the letter G(EKA: Episode 3698)

3977 t
Pencil Box: G/g
Murray Has A Little Lamb logo

Murray Skating 1

Murray Skating 2
Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray’s lamb, Ovejita, leads him to another secret escuela, with the clues of medias (socks), un gorro (a hat) & patines de hielo (ice skates). The school turns out to be Ice Skating School, where Murray learns the basics of skating.

Cut from the Sprout version (see Alterations noted below).
4134 u
Cecille sings "I'm Gonna Get to You".
4181 Number
The Number of the Day: Now, Chris washes the number of the day, 20.
Masked March 20
Masked March #20
4120 b g
Skit of Counting 20 fish
Elmo Abby Friend
Elmo looks for a friend to play with when Abby Cadabby shows up, who thinks she can make a friend for him appear. First, she tries making Dorothy appear, but makes a pumpkin in a fish bowl. Then, she tries making Bert appear, but conjures a pumpkin with Bert’s hair style. Abby thinks she’s a failure, until Elmo points out that she did bring a friend to play with – her!
3956 b
Suzie Kabloozie sings “Somebody Come & Play
4113 z m
Dan Zanes & friends perform “Jump Up”.
Elmo's World Friends
Elmos World - "Friends"
4181 Ending
Chris announces the sponsors & proceeds to clean his “laundry of the day”.


Picture Segment Description
Global Grover France
Global Grover: Grover comes back from Paris with a shopping basket. None of the foods he finds wants to get in it, though! In his film, Lia & her father visit a farmer’s market & bakery in Paris for food at a French market. Afterwards, the food are in shock & Grover thinks they don’t get it & demonstrates by putting himself in the basket. The food then takes Grover in the basket to his grandma’s house. This segment replaces "Murray Has a Little Lamb" in the Sprout version.


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