TRASHgiving Day
Air date APRIL 11, 2013
Season Season 43
Written by Ed Valentine
Sponsors J, 13
Releases Netflix "Music & Dance" collection


Street Scenes
Picture Segment Description
4324 Inflate
What's the Word on the STREET? Inflate
4324 a

4324 b

4324 c

Trashgiving Day Mr. Disgracey
Alan & Chris, while doing some water-work, welcome the viewer to a quiet, calm day on Sesame Street. Suddenly, the serenity is broken by a series of GROUCHES & musicians loudly scrambling by. All of a sudden, OSCAR THE GROUCH pops up, telling them that todays the GROUCH holiday, TRASHgiving, which Alan & Chris arent familiar with. Some more GROUCHES appear, explaining some of the traditions & they sing a TRASHgiving Carol song (to the tune of "Over the River & Through the Woods".). Gordon arrives to celebrate too, all dressed up like a GROUCH in a TRASH CAN, claiming to celebrate all holidays. OSCAR mentions hes in charge of the big TRASHgiving Day Parade, which is sponsored by Mr. Disgracey (Richard Kind) of Disgracey's Disgusting Department Store. Mr. Disgracey is looking forward to a horrible parade, or else OSCAR will be fired.
4324 d

4324 e
SCENE cont'd
The parade begins with Scabby & Scubby the Clowns, following by the marching band, who plays the music too nicely. Mr. Disgracey is not pleased. Chris points out that water may help him; the sound in the horns will move differently through water than it does through air. Chris sprays his hose into the instruments & the musicians begin to play, resulting in a horrible noise & spraying the water on Chris & Alan. Mr. Disgracey is impressed.
4324 f

4324 g
SCENE cont'd
Next up is the Maysour float, where Bob portrays Miles Can't-Standish. OSCAR stops it, appalled by the colorful float they have. Chris & Alan thinks water can fix this issue too. He has Chris spray the hose at the float, where the flowers droop & the paint runs, making a beautiful mess. Mr. Disgracey is again pleased.
4324 h

4324 i

4324 j
The final part of the parade is the giant balloon of Stenchy the Stinkbug, the smelliest cartoon character. However, OSCAR is not pleased that the balloon is floating & deflates it immediately. Chris & Alan & Chris show how water can help help himonce more: they fill the deflated balloon with water, making it heavy & impossible to fly. Mr. Disgracey believes this is the worst parade ever, naturally giving OSCAR a promotion. OSCAR thinks the parade was almost perfect, until Chris & Alan become drenched when the balloon topples over & pops. Chris & Chris & Alan both decide to take TRASHgiving Day off next year.
Don Inflate
Muppets / Celebrity
Don Cheadle & Elmo show things one can inflate, including Herbie - Elmo's inflatable friend.
Plastic Bag Animal
A man collects some stray plastic bags & creates a polar bear from them that gets inflated from the sidewalk air vent.
Conductor 1
Abbys Flying Fairy School is coming soon, but first, Ovejita takes Murray to Lincoln Center to meet conductor Alan Gilbert, 1 of the People in Your Neighborhood. He briefly touches on what he does, before they take a break...
Jump Montage
J for Jump: A montage of people jumping.
Elmo Jacket
Elmo sings the J sound on the word "jacket."
4309 Abby
"Gimme an A! Gimme a B! Gimme a B! Gimme a Y!" Murray & the girls cheer on Abbys Flying Fairy School.

AFFS Henking 1

AFFS Henking 2
Muppets / Animation
Abbys Flying Fairy School
Its Henking Day, a troll holiday, & Blögghas been practicing his dance & plans on celebrating with his Grandpa Blögg. The class travels to the Enchanted Forest & look for his tree, which is identified by its blue trunk & red door & orange leaves. They find a tree with a blue trunk & red door & it turns out to be a tree-like creature who loves trees. He sneezes them to another tree, with a blue trunk & orange leaves; the tree turns out to be a sentient one, grabbing Abby, Gonnigan, Mrs. Sparklenose & Blögg with its vines. They tickle it & it frees them. They finally find Grandpa Blögg's tree & everyone does the Henking Dance.
Conductor 2

Conductor 3
"Super Grover 2.0" must wait, as Alan continues on about his job. He introduces the instruments his students are playing. Ovejita takes a stab at the timpani. Alan shows Murray his baton & shows how he uses it to affect the tempo & volume of the music. Murray asks if he may sit in, claiming to be a mean cymbal player. Alan allows this & Murray has us stay tuned...
13 Hippos
13 water-skiing hippos
13 Not So Lucky
"Thirteens Not So Lucky"
Artist: Mari Jaye Blanchard
4305 SG
Murray & the kidBrown">s introduce "Super Grover 2.0".
Super Grover Lemonade 1

Super Grover Lemonade 2
Super Grover 2.0
At a lemonade stand in the tundra, some animals discover their pink lemonade is frozen solid. When Grover lands on the scene, he tries thawing it by shaking it & using his jackhammer, but just breaks it up into still-frozen pieces. 1 animal wonders if heating it up will melt it. Grover gives it a try & gives the pitcher his earmuffs, scarf & gloves, then starts feeling cold himself. The moose instead gets his hairdryer & successfully melts the frozen lemonade. He then uses it on a now-frozen Super Grover.
Conductor 4
Before Elmo the Musical"arrives, the musicians perform "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", with Murray providing his cymbal solo at the end.
4109 z
Muppets / Celebrity
Hoots the Owl & John Legend sing "It Feels Good When You Sing a Song."
4313 ETM
Murray & the kids introduce Elmo the Musical.
Elmo the Musical

ETM Pres 1

ETM Pres 2
Elmo the Musical: President the Musical
Elmo imagines he's President of the United States, living in the Red House At his sides are the first, second & third ladies & his sheep-ret service. Suddenly, the first lady, first sheep & first President painting go missing! The Pentagon (the actual shape) alerts him there’s "first" thief stealing all the firsts everywhere. Elmo can't deal with the problem now, as he has to throw the first pitch at a penguin baseball game. The first base, baseman & even the ball are then stolen! Elmo disguises himself as a number 1 & creates a set-up for the thief with the numbers 2 & 3. The 2 tries to steal Elmo & is revealed to be the thief. She admits shes tired of being second all the time & Elmo allows her to be the 1st number. She realizes the number order is thrown off & accepts her place, apologizing. Elmo pardons her & they share a tango together.
Conductor 5
Murray announces the sponsors while the orchestra plays.

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