OSCAR’s Clean Tuxedo
Air date January 14, 2015
Season SEASON 45 (2014-2015)
Sponsors X, 3


Street Scenes
Picture Segment Description
4516 WOTS
Whats the Word on the STREET? - Pattern
4516 a
Elmo helps Leela out at the Laundromat, when OSCAR enters, requesting his tuxedo. GROUCHES have their clothes dampened & grimed at laundromats, he claims. Leela returns with bad news: there was a mix-up & she had his tuxedo jacket completely cleaned. OSCAR storms out, VERY, VERY upset.
4516 b
SCENE cont'd
OSCAR mopes over at Hooper's Store. Elmo & Leela go to apologize. OSCAR explains he had the 3 yuckiest stains of his life on that jacket & tells them (& Chris) how they got there...
4516 c
SCENE cont'd
The 1st stain happened in high school. A young, nerdy OSCAR dances with his date, TRASHini, at the Enchantment Under the Sewers Dance. He requests some MUD pie & the waiter slops it on his jacket, leaving a triangle-shape stain.
4516 d
SCENE cont'd
The 2nd stain came from OSCAR's days as a stand-up comic. At the "YUCKles" night club, OSCAR's act is cut short when the audience hurls ROTTEN eggs & tomatoes at him, leaving a pattern of the foods on his sleeve.
4516 e

SCENE cont'd
The 3rd & final stain came on his wedding day. OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA stand before the altar, with GRUNDGETTA holding the anchovy sauce-covered onion rings. GRUNDGETTA ditches OSCAR at the altar instead & plops the onion rings on his jacket, leaving a big, bigger & biggest stain.
4516 f
SCENE cont'd
OSCAR finishes his stories, then storms out of the store. Elmo thinks they can recreate the stains, since he's remembered all the ones that OSCAR described. The others agree, but they need someone to wear the jacket as they apply the stains. Unfortunately for her,Leela seems to be the only one it'll fit.
4516 g
SCENE cont'd
So then, 1st, they decide to apply the triangle stain. Chris has a MUD pie, but it's square-shaped. He cuts it in half, forming 2 triangles. Chris plops it onto the jacket, leaving a perfect triangle stain. He's ready to make another mess.
4516 h
SCENE cont'd
Next, Chris & Elmo prepare to pelt Leela with ROTTEN eggs & tomatoes, but she points out there was a pattern to them. Elmo recites it as Chris throws the ROTTEN eggs & tomatoes at the jacket.
4516 i
SCENE cont'd
Finally, Chris prepares some onion rings & stains the jacket with them. With the jacket complete, they head over to OSCARs TRASH CAN.
4516 j
SCENE cont'd
So, the gang presents OSCAR with the re-stained jacket & he's amazed. Bert rides by on his bike, knocking the jacket down & adding a tire stain to it. This pleases OSCAR even more & he VERY quietly thanks them for helpin out. He tells them to SCRAM as he adds his own new stains to the jacket inside his TRASH CAN.
Craig Pattern
Elmo & Craig Robinson show a fruit & vegetable pattern. 1 is missing, so Craig substitutes as a broccoli.
4303 BMB
A girl goes to the store to buy a loaf of bread, container of milk & a stick of butter.
4420 Balls
"Cookies Crumby Pictures" is next, but first, Murray plays a game of "Guess Whats Next" using balls of different sizes.
4414 Crumby 1

4414 Crumby 2

4414 Crumby 3
COOKIEs Crumby Pictures presents The Hungry Games: Catching Fur (Rated G: For Games)
Cookie Monster plays "Cookie-ness Evereat", who's back to playing another round of the Hungry Games with his friends & Pita (the literal bread). They find some monkeys & in order to get rid of them, they need to solve a fruit pattern. They then find some tickling fog and need to solve another food pattern. Cookie-ness discovers the pattern is now about shapes & instead of putting Pita down for one, they use a clock. Cookie-ness is glad that she never has to play the games again, until Finicky tells him that they're making a third movie...
Keyboard rhythm
2 groups of creatures create a rhythm by lining up in a pattern on top of a keyboard.
Letter Dance Break

Dance Break X
Elmo & the gang introduce the letter of the day, X, w/ a song & dance.
Cookie Monster Xray
Cookie Monster sings about the X sound in the word "X-ray."
X Salute
"X Salute" - Kids look for words that have X's in them.
4516 Fruit
Murray plays another round of "Guess What's Next" using some fruit.

Abby Cubby Creature 1

Abby Cubby Creature 2
Muppets / Animation
Abbys Flying Fairy School
Abby, Gonnigan & Blögg put their items in their cubbies, when they suddenly vanish, along with Mrs. Sparklenose's wand. They see a Cubby Creature inside, but can't catch him. They call on Spot, who shows them some patterns. They see the creature pops out of each colored cubby in a pattern & follow it to get into his lair. Once there, they find they have to guess his name to win their stuff back. They play "The Name Game", asking for clues as to what his name is. They get it right and the Cubby Creature has such a fun time, he reforms his ways and gives everything back. (re-orchestrated theme song)
OK Go 3 Primary Colors
OK Go sings about the "Three Primary Colors".
Dance Break 3
Count von Count & friends sing & stomp to find the number of the day - 3.
4511 Neon
Counting 3 neon balls, rings & pins
Globetrotters 3
Muppets / Celebrity
Elmo & the Harlem Globetrotters show the number 3.
Hat Boot Pattern
Cowboy hat/ boot pattern
Artist: LAIKA House
Grover Tall Monsters
Grover introduces his monster friends - Bill (who's tall), Phil (who's taller) and Sally (the tallest). He starts a game of "Where Did the Tallest Monster Go?," asking the viewer for find which monster is tallest based on the color hat they're wearing.
4413 Pattern
"Elmo the Musical" is next, but first, Murray plays a round of "Guess What's Next" He introduces a pattern of penguins & chickens.
Elmo the Musical

Elmo the Musical Plane 1

Elmo the Musical Plane 2
Elmo the Musical - Airplane the Musical
Elmo imagines himself as an airplane pilot who is hired by a penguin bride-to-be to fly her to the South Pole for her wedding at 11 o'clock (it being 7 o'clock now). As they take off, she realizes she needs a ring. They crash into a jewelry store, where the clerk states they have no rings left. His breakfast bagel is a shaped like a ring (a circle), so she buys that. Once in the sky, she now states she needs flowers & has them land in a flower shop. She needs 11 flowers, but the clerk offers 6 lilies & 5 roses, which Elmo adds to make 11. The penguin stops their flight once again to get some bridesmaids. Velvet places them on a farm, not knowing where else to find bridesmaids. The bride has 3 dresses to fit, so she turns away a pair of pigs. She finds 3 cows, who make perfect bridesmaids. The extra weight prevents them from taking off, so Elmo & the others flap their arms, which helps get the plane to the South Pole, just in time for her wedding!
X Ending
Murray announces the sponsors.



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