DEBUT 1976

ERNEST THE GROUCH is OSCAR THE GROUCHs brother & the 2nd son of MR. & MRS. GROUCH. He is also the brother of OTTO THE GROUCH & BUNNY. He looks very like OSCAR, but w/ big black eyebrows, a scuzzy GREEN mustache, & a white collar & blue bow tie.

ERNEST first paid SESAME STREET a visit in the shows 8th season in EPISODE 0954, OSCAR decided to prepare an UNpleasant surprise for him by decorating his TRASH CAN, dressing in a tux, & treating ERNEST like a gentleman. Determined not to allow OSCAR to have the last laugh, ERNEST returned the favor. Soon the 2 of them tried to outdo each other, each asking Gina to fix the other a special treat at Hoopers Store. Finally, their GROUCHiness is returned when they find themselves fighting over a concoction only GROUCHES would enjoy.

ERNEST would visit his BROTHER again years later in EPISODE 2720 (1990). The episode itself is a remake of the one from season 8, with Gordon & Gina replacing Maria, Luis, & Mr. Hooper.

The first version of ERNEST was recycled from an OSCAR puppet used during the early to mid-1970s (one that had moving eyes), & wore no clothing. The second version wore a white collar & blue bow tie.




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