Friends to the Rescue
Written by Nancy Allen
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1987
Publisher Ideal Toys
Series BIG BIRD StoryMagic

Friends to the Rescue is a 1987 SESAME STREET storybook featuring Cookie Monster, published by Ideal Toys for the "BIG BIRD StoryMagic" toy set.

GRANNY BIRD, in the story, invites BIG BIRD & HIS friends to the Ladies Club Bizaer, where there will be a rummage sale, refreshments & a pie eating contest. BIG BIRD intends to invite nice, well-behaved Grover & Betty Lou, but neither of them can go. Cookie Monster & OSCAR THE GROUCH invite themselves, & BIG BIRD is very worried about how they will behave. Despite a few bumps along the way, it turns out well in the end. Cookie Monster wins the pie eating contest for the Ladies' Club. OSCAR & his GROUCH friends bring in their rejected TRASH, which isnt broken or ROTTEN enough for them, to the rummage sale, & they even clean up at the end, keeping all of the true TRASH.

The tape includes "You Just Need Friends" & "Never a Dull Moment" by Dave Conner.

CAROLL SPINNEY recorded the voices of BIG BIRD & OSCAR THE GROUCH, & FRANK OZ recorded the voice of Cookie Monster, for the accompanying cassette tape.

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