DEBUT 1999
DESIGN Ed Christie (designer)
  Mark Zeszotek (builder)

GRIZZY is a freckled GROUCH child who lives in GROUCHland USA. She appears in The Adventures of Elmo in GROUCHland. After Huxley steals her favorite doll, Soggypants Sandy, GRIZZY reluctantly agrees to help Elmo. She also helped got OSCAR THE GROUCH, BIG BIRD, Zoe, Gordon, Maria, Cookie Monster & Telly Monster out of the GROUCHland Jail. After which, they, along with all of the GROUCHES, whom OSCAR persuaded to cooperate just this once to stop Huxley from taking any more of their precious TRASH from them, went to save Elmo. The production notes for the film described GRIZZY as a girl who "has the mind of a crabby Peppermint Patty & is trapped in the body of Shirley Temple". GRIZZY also appeared in The Adventures of Elmo in GROUCHland: Sing & Play.

Tyco released a small talking plush GRIZZY.




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