Grouchland Jail
DEBUT 1999

The GROUCHland Jail is 1 of the many businesses briefly glimpsed in The Adventures of Elmo in GROUCHland. Located in GROUCHland USA, the Jail is the equivalent of any regular prison. When one is put behind bars, the GROUCH Cop says, "You have the right to scream your head off. Should you give up the right to scream your head off, someone who screams their head off will be provided for you." instead of "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can & will be held against you in a court of law." Known prisoners of the jail are, OSCAR THE GROUCH, BIG BIRD, Zoe, COOKIE MONSTER, TELLY MONSTER, Maria & Gordon when they traveled down to GROUCHland in an try to rescue Elmo, who previously jumped down into OSCARs TRASH CAN to try to get his Blanket back after OSCAR just sneezed on & dropped it in his TRASH CAN. However, the GROUCH Jailer let them & all the other prisoners go when OSCAR convinced all of the other GROUCHES to, just once, work together to stop Huxley from robbing them of any more of their precious TRASH.





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