2399 b
DEBUT 1988

GRUMP TOWER is a home for GROUCHES & also a parody of Donald Trumps VERY famous Trump Tower. GRUMP TOWER was personally built by RONALD GRUMP, a famous GROUCH building tycoon & also a parody of the famous Donald Trump. RONALD GRUMP & the GRUMP TOWER appeared in SESAME STREET EPISODE 2399.

As the episode begins, RONALD GRUMP, a famous GROUCH building tycoon, approaches OSCAR THE GROUCH with a new idea - a 2-story-CAN-dominimum called "GRUMP TOWER". In exchange for OSCAR giving up his property to build the TOWER, GRUMP gives him a spot in the TOWER, as well as 3 TRASHbags. Maria thinks it's a ROTTEN deal, which, naturally, only encourages OSCAR further.

Maria brings Luis to the newly-constructed GRUMP TOWER. OSCAR loves the upgrade & introduces his neighbors - RONALD lives next lid & the 3rd set of TRASH CANS belongs to the Gruffy family. OSCAR even uses his second-floor TRASH CAN as a space for FLUFFY & SLIMEY to live, until RONALD points out a clause in his contract - NO Pets! OSCAR cant bare to part with them & wants the TOWER torn down. RONALD considers this option...for 40 bags of TRASH!

RONALD wants his TRASH, but OSCAR cant give up his TRASH; its all he has. Suddenly, the rest of the adults come by with 20 bags of TRASH...& theres more TRASH where that came from," Maria tells RONALD.

The adults & kids Count the rest of the TRASHbags as they walk down SESAME STREET. However, when they reach GRUMP TOWER, they find they only have 39. Maria takes RONALDs contract, crumples it up & throws it into a paper bag, making 40 bags of TRASH! A defeated RONALD sinks into his TRASH CAN.




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