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DEBUT 1996

GRUNDGETTAs Working TRASH CAN is a very important part of GRUNDGETTAs GROUCH Beauty Salon, a beauty salon from SESAME STREET EPISODE 3695.

As the episode starts, GRUNDGETTA has just opened her own GROUCH beauty salon by the subway & finishes her latest work on OSCAR up. Bob comes & learns how a GROUCH beauty salon works: GROUCHES go there to look YUCKier. FLUFFY blows Bob away while in hairdryer mode. GRUNDGETTA begins yelling for customers, but none of the passing GROUCHES seem to care.

Gina arrives to see GRUNDGETTAs new salon, but she demands she leave, since her nice demeanor will scare customers away. 2 female GROUCHES approach the salon, which makes Gina duck from sight. However, then, Gina pops up from excitement of GRUNDGETTA having customers, which sends the 2 GROUCHES away, fearing the salon will make them as beautiful as her. FLUFFY then gets an idea on just how Gina can really make it up to her.

Gina gets inside of GRUNDGETTAs Working TRASH CAN so that GRUNDGETTA will make her look yucky. As she works on Gina, she & some GROUCH back-up singers sing a song. Gina emerges from the TRASH CAN w/ messy hair, but she feels it could be YUCKier.

When Ginas GROUCH hairstyle is all done, Bob hardly recognizes her. OSCAR & 2 other GROUCHES arrive & love Ginas new ROTTEN hairstyle. Even a very famous GROUCH beautician, ElizaBLECCCCH Arden, arrives to get GRUNDGETTAs work. As the GROUCHES argue over who goes 1st, Bob announces the sponsors. OSCAR tries to ask the VERY YUCKY-looking Gina out on a date but she refuses & tells him to "SCRAM!"




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