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File:"Sesame Street" - "How to Be a Grouch" by Oscar the Grouch 1
File:"Sesame Street" - "How to Be a Grouch" by Oscar the Grouch 2
File:"Sesame Street" - "How to Be a Grouch" by Oscar the Grouch 2

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How to Be a Grouch Whitman
Written by CAROLL SPINNEY under the alias of OSCAR THE GROUCH
Published 1976
Publisher Western Publishing
Series A Whitman Tell-A-Tale Book

How to Be a GROUCH is a SESAME STREET storybook both written & illustrated by CAROLL SPINNEY, performer of OSCAR THE GROUCH on SESAME STREET (& also BIG BIRD who is also seen in the book a couple times). In this GROUCHY & ROTTEN book, OSCAR THE GROUCH explains all of his very GROUCHY secrets that are certain to transform even the nicest individual into the GROUCHiest.

An on-screen storybook of the book appears a bonus feature in Old School: Volume 3 read by SPINNEY in OSCARs voice.

Also, in the book, OSCAR mentions several relatives:

The book also describes a scowling little girl having a non-Muppet appearance as a "GROUCHY person." A similar-looking little girl later wins the "GROUCH of the Year Award."


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Other editions

The book & audio edition features CAROLL SPINNEY reading the book in character as OSCAR.

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