Humongous Chicken
DEBUT 1999
DESIGN Paul Andrejco designer
  Paul Hartis builder

The Humongous Chicken is a giant, slow-witted chicken (referred to by Huxley as "Tiny") who pesters Elmo as he tries to get to Huxleys castle to retrieve his blanket in The Adventures of Elmo in GROUCHland. He mistakes Elmo for a WORM. However, upon hearing Elmo sing "Im a Little Teapot" to prove that he isnt a WORM, the Humongous Chicken then thinks that Elmo is a teapot & declares that he cant have tea. He hasnt had his "din-din" yet.

The chicken is a normal-sized hand puppet, but is superimposed over the landscape to appear bigger. He is 1 of DAVE GOELZs few SESAME STREET characters.

A similar variation of the puppet has later been used on SESAME STREET, such as for Super Chicken (with feminine eyelids). It has subsequently been used for multiple other characters on Sesamstrasse.



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