PERFORMER Mandy Patinkin
DEBUT 1999

Huxley is the main antagonist of The Adventures of Elmo in GROUCHland. Huxley is a greedy, short-tempered & foolish thief who takes everything he can get his hands on, depriving the GROUCHES of GROUCHland USA of their most treasured JUNK.

He is assisted in his capers by BUG & the Pesties. He steals Elmos blanket, calling it his "wooby". In the end, however, thanks to OSCAR THE GROUCH, all of the GROUCHES of GROUCHland USA rebel against Huxley, cooperating just once to end his reign once & for all. Even his own helper BUG betrays him by returning the blanket to Elmo, saying HE refuses to be friends with a greedy selfish villain like Huxley.



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