It's a Deal!
Written by David Korr
Illustrator Maggie Swanson
Published 1986
Publisher Ideal Toys
Series BIG BIRD StoryMagic

Its a Deal! is a 1986 SESAME STREET storybook published by Ideal Toys for the "BIG BIRD StoryMagic" toy set. When the accompanying cassette tape was played in the talking toy, BIG BIRD read the story aloud, with the help of OSCAR THE GROUCH & Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster, in the story, has a flat basketball that OSCAR really wants. He thinks it looks like a cookie. OSCAR & Cookie agree that they will trade TRASH for cookies. The only problem is Cookie Monster doesnt seem to be able to find any TRASH, & OSCAR cant figure out how to bake cookies! So, in the end, they agree that each of them would have been better off to stick to doing what they know best.

There are 2 songs on the tape, "Its a Deal" & "GROUCH & Friend", both by Dave Conner.

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