J(ason) Milligan

J (Jason) Milligan is a freelance writer who is 1 of the staff script writers on SESAME STREET as of Season 40. Prior to that, he servedas creative director & head writer for SESAME Workshops interactive division, primarily writing & designing content & games for, as well as for various computer games. He generally served as voice director for these projects.

Milligan also assisted CAROLL SPINNEY in writing his autobiography The WISDOM of BIG BIRD (& the Dark GENIUS of OSCAR THE GROUCH): Lessons from a Life in FEATHERS. He spoke about the unique assignment in an interview: "The writing was challenging on that book because CAROLL has a rather non-linear style of storytelling. It makes for great dinner conversation, but can be hard to form into chapters. But working with him was a pleasure. Wed meet every week at his favorite Italian restaurant, have some wine & risotto & hed share his life with me, these incredible stories." [1]

Outside of the STREET, Milligan wrote the 2005 novel Jack Fish & has also been featured on NPR All Things Considered.


  1. The Wag online magazine. March 2005 interview.

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