Jim Martin & Eric Jacobson

Martin (center) with Super Grover & Eric Jacobson.

Jim Martin has been a Muppeteer & Director for SESAME STREET since the 1980s, most notably playing Preston Rabbit but most often featured in a variety of 1-shot & right-handing roles (notably as the primary hand of OSCAR THE GROUCH for a number of SESAME STREET seasons[1]). Although he still performs, he transitioned primarily into directing on the series, becoming the main director of the "Elmos World" segments, as well as various specials, videos, & spin-offs. He also directed on other Muppet series, including Bear in the Big Blue House & The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. To date, with the other regular SESAME STREET directors, Martin has shared in five Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Direction in a Childrens Series (for 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, & 2009). Jim Martin has also directed for the non-Muppet series Johnny & the Sprites, Between the Lions & The Puzzle Place.

Jim also portrayed the GREEN GROUCH who plays in OSCARs JUNK Band. Also, whenever OSCAR THE GROUCH & BIG BIRD (characters both performed by CAROLL SPINNEY) have to be in the same scene together, Jim operates OSCAR to a vocal track by SPINNEY which lets the latter perform BIG BIRD.

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  • The Puzzle Place - Ben Olafsen
  • Once Upon a Tree - Forest the Beaver
  • The Great Space Coaster - M.T. Promises, Gary Gnu


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