Oscar's Rotten Birthday

OSCAR THE GROUCH was born on June 1st.

June 1st is the birthday of OSCAR THE GROUCH - the day when he is at his absolute GROUCHiest ever. In EPISODE 3866 of SESAME STREET, after OSCAR reads a birthday card from his MOTHER, & after hearing OSCAR tell the viewers that today is his birthday, TELLY MONSTER tried to give OSCAR a GROUCHY birthday party, something that OSCAR thought he simply couldnt do. In the end, however, OSCAR was proved wrong. He received several ROTTEN GROUCHY presents.

After receiving a Spanish birthday poem from Maria which translated to: "Happy greeting to you, irritating GROUCH. Have a ROTTEN day from here on out!", a promise from BIG BIRD saying that he wont talk to OSCAR the whole day, an empty box from Gina, which he thought was from GRUNDGETTA, & a triple layer birthday cake made with chicken & mint, with sardine frosting from Alan, which his MOTHER used to make. Another party favor was, Luis, Gabi, & Rosita let OSCAR play a game: he tries to crack open a TRASH CAN shaped piñata. He succeeds, & is buried by a pile of small JUNK pieces, torn newspaper, & fish bones.

Later on, after hearing everyone (including Bob & the GROUCHketeers) on the steps of 123 SESAME STREET sing "GROUCHY Birthday to YOU!!", OSCAR admits he was wrong--everybody did know how to celebrate a GROUCH Birthday - well, that is until TELLY gives him hugs & kisses, which is his gift. As the day & episode finish, OSCAR finishes the cake & announces the sponsors. He notes the best thing about having a Birthday: you have to wait a whole year until the next one!



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