Larry Grossman

Larry GROSSman (born September 3rd, 1938) is an Emmy-nominated music director for The Muppets Celebrate JIM HENSON. He served as a music consultant on The Muppet Show for its 1st 3 seasons, suggesting musical numbers that would best suit the weeks guest star, & co-writing several original songs in the shows 3rd season.

GROSSman also composed the music for Snoopy!!! The Musical with lyricist Hal Hackady, including "Just 1 Person" which has become something of a Muppet anthem over the years.

Prior to his work with the JIM HENSON Company, GROSSman served as a Music Coordinator on The Jimmy Dean Show, contributing songs such as "My Christmas Room", which was performed by Jimmy Dean on the show & released on the 1965 album Jimmy Deans Christmas Card.

Songs Performed by the MuppetsEdit

Lyrics by Hal Hackady


Lyrics by Jerry Juhl

With Tom Dunsmuir

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