Lisa Crafts

Lisa Crafts is an independent artist & animator who produced 24 animated inserts for SESAME STREET between 1991 & 2000.[1] Caleb Sampson wrote the scores & songs for many of her pieces.

Crafts reflected on her work on SESAME STREET in a 2011 interview with fellow SESAME STREET contributor, Michael Sporn:

"We were so fortunate to have the gifted Arlene Sherman as our producer. She allowed us to flourish as artists & to write our own stories & songs, & use our own composers, voice actors, & musicians. Near the end of our time there, I told her that I was transitioning to working digitally, & hoped I could make a new piece in that style. She came to the studio to see what I was working on & gave me the go-ahead to make my first digital piece. I sometimes wonder how it would have impacted my explorations in that direction if she had wanted me to keep drawing."



  1. Lisa Crafts' Resumé

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