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Santeiro Sans

Nancy Sans, center, with Luis Santeiro (left) & SESAME STREET Live choreographer Patti Colombo

Luis G. Santeiro (b. October 9, 1947) is a Cuban-American playwright & television writer who has been a member of the SESAME STREET writing staff since 1978. In this role he has shared a number of Emmys won for Best Writing in a Childrens Series.

His other work for Childrens Television Workshop includes penning SESAME STREET, Special, writing lyrics for a number of songs including "Dentist of Seville" & "Todos un Pueblo", & developing the Troubles the Cat segments on BIG Bag.

2 of his common collaborators on SESAME STREET songs include Joe Raposo & Stephen Lawrence.

Santeiro may be best known for creating the bilingual 1970s television sitcom Qué Pasa USA? & in August 2017 published his memoir Dancing with Dictators: A Familys Journey from Pre-Castro Cuba to Exile in the Turbulent Sixties.

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Santeiros writing credits for SESAME STREET include:[1]

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