Martha Sewer
DEBUT 1997

Martha Sewer is a GROUCH wedding planner & author who appears in EPISODE 3609 of SESAME STREET. A take-off of Martha Stewart, she is described as "the perfect GROUCH", as she does everything perfectly GROUCHY. She is also a GROUCH wedding expert, having literally written the book on it (Martha Sewers Book on Perfectly ROTTEN Weddings).

She arrives on the STREET following OSCAR & GRUNDGETTAs accidentally successful marriage proposal ("ROTTEN news travels fast," OSCAR notes). The 2 GROUCHES are initially appalled at the idea of getting married, until they learn from Martha the GROUCHY party they can throw because of it & schedule the wedding for today (a perfect time for one; its INconvenient for everyone).

She helps them make various preparations, including leaving a valuable wedding ring that TELLY, the "ring-loser" will have (& subsequently lose). When the wedding commences, OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA realizes they'd never enjoy married life & forgo the wedding, but decide to throw the party anyway. Martha attempts to collect the ring from TELLY, whos finally lost it.




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