Mitchell Kriegman

Mitchell Kriegman

Mitchell Kriegman is a writer/producer dedicated to developing innovative content for children & their parents. His production company, Big Bag Productions, developed the patented technique called Shadowmation, which utilizes real time virtual sets & Bunraku style team puppetry. The process has been used in The Book of POOH, Its a BIG BIG World & the 4th season opening of Bear in the BIG Blue House. Among his many honors, he has received numerous Emmys & Parents Choice awards for his work in childrens programming. Hes the father of 3 children, each 3 years apart in age. His latest project, Its a BIG BIG World is in production at Wainscott Studios, a state-of-the-art animation & production facility in Wainscott, New York.


Mitchell Kriegman Bear in the Big Bear House 100th episode celebration

100th episode celebration.

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