Ms. Turpentine
PERFORMER Camille Bonora
DEBUT 1990

Ms. Turpentine is a representative of the GROUCHenheim Museum on Filth Avenue. She appears in episode 2657 of SESAME STREET.

She arrives on the STREET, having gotten word of a budding GROUCH artist in the area. It turns out to be baby Gabi, who has made a simple, crayon, line drawing that OSCAR considers the GROUCHiest piece of art hes ever seen. Ms. Turpentine concurs & offers Maria several cans of MUD & bags of TRASH for it. Maria refuses to part with it & Ms. Turpentine leaves to scout more talent from the local day care center.

She returns soon after to see OSCARs artwork, an exact duplicate of Gabis drawing. She wont accept it, however. OSCAR crumples his work up in defeat, making it a much more valuable piece & they start the negotiations.



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