Macklemore Grouches
PERFORMER Macklemore
DEBUT 2015

Mucklemore is a human GROUCH who appeared in SESAME STREET EPISODE 4514.

As the episode begins Chris welcomes the viewer, when hes caught off guard by an unpleasant noise & smell. Both are coming from OSCAR's laptop, which is opened to OSCAR wants to purchase the special GROUCH instrument, the P.U.-gelhorn, so he & FLUFFY can play a duet. The item costs 8 bags of TRASH & OSCAR has a mere 3. Chris gives him 2 more & thinks by saving his TRASH, hell be able to buy it in no time.

All of a sudden, Mucklemore & his GROUCH posse arrive musically promoting the "GROUCH Thrift Shop". Mucklemore invites OSCAR to join them in finding some cheap TRASH at the thrift shop, but Chris convinces him to control himself & save his TRASH. OSCAR ends up buying Mucklemores fish-hat for all his TRASHbags. Mucklemore heads straight back to the GROUCH Thrift Shop again w/ his GROUCH posse.




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