Mucko Polo
PERFORMER Alan Cumming
DEBUT 2016

Mucko Polo is a human GROUCH who appeared in SESAME STREET EPISODE 4602.

Elmo welcomes the viewer to another nice day on SESAME STREET, which sickens OSCAR very greatly as he emerges from his TRASH CAN. Soon, theyre joined by famous GROUCH explorer Mucko Polo (Alan Cumming), who is aided by a pair of GROUCHES who yell "Polo!" following the utterance of his 1st name. Hes exploring SESAME STREET looking for GROUCHiness, though OSCAR tells him that his exploration is pointless; except for OSCARs TRASH CAN, theres absolutely nothing GROUCHY on SESAME STREET. Mucko thinks otherwise & sings about the GROUCHiness there is everywhere; you just have to look for it. Elmo wants to go exploring as well & they head off, with OSCAR reluctantly following.

The explorers arrive at Hoopers Store, where Alan has just prepared some pink, smiley face cookies. OSCAR believes he was right, while Mucko encourages his explorers to use their senses to find something. Elmo tastes 1 of the cookies & finds it YUCKY. It turns out that Alan used pepper in his recipe by accident. Elmo is rewarded with a stinky sticker.

Next, they head to the community garden, where Chris is doing some gardening. Abby poofs in to join them in their exploration. As they search around, they smell something awful - theres a skunk in the flowers! It sprays Chris, who immediately goes to take a bath. Mucko gives Abby a sticker as well, to OSCARs chagrin.

Over at the laundromat, Grover fixes up a washing machine for Nina. The explorerarrive & encourage OSCAR to use his own senses to find something GROUCHY. He hears a strange noise coming from the washing machine, which Grover apparently didnt fix fully. It tears up Mrs. Crustworthys favorite dress & starts spraying water everywhere. Mucko finally awards OSCAR a stinky sticker, dubbing him "OSCAR Polo" (which brings on the appearance of his "Polo!" posse).

Mucko Polo is an obvious parody of the famous explorer Marco Polo.




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