Characters & alter-egos assumed by OSCAR THE GROUCH in SESAME STREET/Muppet productions.

Picture Role Production Notes
3141 g
Prince Charming SESAME STREET EPISODE 3141 OSCAR turns into Prince Charming after eating a magic cookie that Ruthie has in her store.
The Princess & the Mattress
The GROUCHY Prince SESAME STREET Episode 2243
The Princess & the Mattress
OSCAR plays a GROUCHY Prince who wants to marry a Princess so he could have someone to argue with.
Oscar cat
Cat Elmos Musical Adventures: Peter & the Wolf OSCAR plays the part of the cat as Baby Bear imagines the story of Peter & the Wolf.
Yucky Pierre
Yucky Pierre the GROUCH Chef SESAME STREET Episode 1056 Host of "The GROUCHY Chef", with a French accent.
Super Grouch
Super GROUCH SESAME STREET Episode 4037 Parody of Superman.
Grouch of Hearts
The GROUCH of Hearts Abby in Wonderland OSCAR stands in for the role of the Queen of Hearts.
Grouches in the South of France
Professor Piggins SESAME STREET Episode 2584 GRUNDGETTA is getting voice lessons from TRASHa (a GROUCHY fish seller played by Tracey Ullman) & learning how to speak GROUCHier. TRASHa recalls how her voice became that way - she received lessons from Professor Piggins (played by a Cockney OSCAR), who sings her the song "GROUCHES in the South of France".
King Oscar 2776
King OSCAR SESAME STREET EPISODE 2776 OSCAR THE GROUCH tells the story of King OSCAR & the Knights of the Broken Table to TELLY & the GROUCHketeers. In the story, TELLY plays a monster (Worriesalot) who wants to join King OSCARs (OSCAR) band of GROUCHES known as the Knights of the Broken Table. But first, he must pass 3 tests, including singing a song with GRUNDGETTA & finding the Holy Pail. Finally, they all sing an ode to "GROUCHelot".
Grouch Prince
Snow GROUCH & the Seven Dwarfs"
OSCAR THE GROUCH plays the hero of the GROUCH fairytale "Snow GROUCH & the Seven Dwarfs"
Oscar the Crab
OSCAR the Crab SESAME STREET Episode 4632 In an aquatic version of SESAME STREET created by Abby, OSCAR turns into "OSCAR the Crab", dwelling in a sea chest.


Picture Role Production Notes
Old King Grouch
Old King Cole Storybook ABCs GROUCHY Old King Cole

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