Redusa the Recycling Fairy
PERFORMER Jennifer Barnhart
DEBUT 2017
PATTERN Lavender

Redusa the Recycling Fairy is a fairy who appears in EPISODE 4725 of SESAME STREET.

Her specific purpose in life is to help make the Earth a cleaner place by way of recycling TRASH, which she can do with the wave of her magic recycling wand. Her efforts prove to be detrimental to OSCAR, whose TRASHY items she manages to recycle into new ones (which are much less pleasing to a GROUCH). She soon learns that GROUCHES keep the Earth clean too, just in their own way, by stashing & repurposing TRASH. Believing that even GROUCHES can find ways to recycle, she recycles a broken ice cream maker from Hoopers Store into a MUD machine for OSCAR.



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