Richard Hunt

The Great Richard Hunt (RIP).

Richard Hunt Scooter 1

Richard with his signature Muppet character, Scooter.

Richard Hunt Scooter 2

Richard with his signature Muppet character, Scooter.

Richard Hunt poses with Del Zivic

Richard Hunt poses with Del Zivic.

Richard Henry[1] Hunt (August 16th, 1951[2] - January 7th, 1992) was a longtime Muppeteer who is known for his many characters, his accomplished singing voice, & his warm backstage personality. Hunt brought many popular characters to life, including Scooter, Janice, Beaker, Statler, Sweetums, Junior Gorg, Don Music, Gladys the Cow, Sonny Friendly, Sully, the horns-up half of the Two-Headed Monster, Dip Cat, Placido Flamingo & Forgetful Jones. HUNT also was the performer of GRANDPA GROUCH, OSCAR THE GROUCHs grandfather.

Early YearsEdit

HUNT was born in New York City, the 2nd of 5 children & the 1st of 2 sons. The family eventually moved to Closter, New Jersey some years later.

Since everyone in his family had worked in show business at some point, HUNT always felt hed end up in entertainment too. While in middle school & high school, he put on puppet shows for local children, & he was a fan of the then-fledgling Muppets from a young age." Id drop anything to watch them," he said,"I thought they were weird."[3]

After high school graduation & a 4-month stint of doing weather reports at a local radio station, HUNT had his first inkling that he might join The Muppets. HUNTs mother, Jane, recalled HUNTs first meeting with JIM HENSON:

"Richard had been watching SESAME STREET, & he realized there might be an opportunity there. So he went to a phone booth, then he called HENSON Associates, & asked them, cold, if they were hiring puppeteers. Amazingly, Jim was auditioning people that very day. So Richard went right over to 67th Street. He was ushered into a room, & there were FRANK & JIM & Jerry & a box full of puppets. "They threw a puppet at me & said sit down", Richard later reported to me. "It was incredible. We just all talked together!! We knew right away we had the same sense of humor...& I think they liked me!"[4]"

HUNTs 1st project was The Great Santa Claus Switch in 1970, along with FRAN BRILL. A few weeks later, he was invited to be in a workshop production. The newcomer was so good, that HENSON asked him to work a Muppet appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Once again he scored high marks, & in June 1972, Richard HUNT was hired full-time on SESAME STREET.

Hunt mostly performed background characters in early specials. 1 of his 1st major performances was as Taminella Grinderfall in The Frog Prince, Muppeteering the character while Jerry Juhl performed the voice.[5] He also performed Mildred Huxtetter & Big Mouse in The Muppets Valentine Show, & many minor characters in The Muppet Show: Sex & Violence. He also performed Wisss on Saturday Night Live, & Charlie Beaver, Fred Lizard & George Rabbit on Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas.


Richard Hunt Don Music

Richard & Don Music.

During his 1st few seasons on SESAME STREET, Hunt was basically a background performer, normally assisting other Muppeteers with characters (performing the right hands of certain characters, & performing the back half of Mr. Snuffleupagus) or performing characters to pre-recorded tracks. However, sooner or later, he became 1 of the main performers, performing several memorable characters as Sully, Sonny Friendly, Gladys the Cow, Don Music, the horns-up half of the Two-Headed Monster (right head), Dip the Cat, Placido Flamingo & Forgetful Jones. Hunt also appeared in the flesh on Episode 1576 as Cedric the birdwatcher, alongside Madeline Kahn.

Although a very main performer on the show, none of RICHARD HUNTs SESAME STREET characters actually became major characters in the same way as CAROLL SPINNEYs OSCAR THE GROUCH & BIG BIRD, FRANK OZs Cookie Monster, & eve n Kevin CLASHs Elmo (who HUNT actually performed as a minor character from 1984 to 1985). Even after being a main Muppeteer, HUNT would often perform in SESAME STREET productions (like Christmas Eve on SESAME STREET & DONt Eat the Pictures) where he didnt perform character voices.

RICHARD HUNT served as a mentor to newer Muppeteers, especially David RUDMAN. Anytime that a new Muppeteer would join the set of SESAME STREET, HUNT was the 1st to officially haze & initiate them into the group. Despite this, he always took new Muppeteers to lunch, as well as anyone on the set who wanted to join him. He was known to often read the newspaper as he was performing a character & doing that characters lines. Soon after RICHARD died, David RUDMAN took over at least 3 of his main characters from SESAME STREET: Sonny Friendly, RICHARDs half of the Two-Headed Monster & Sully along w/ taking Richards place to perform Dip the Cat to Kevin CLASHs Chip the Cat once in a segment for Monsterpiece Theater.

The Muppet ShowEdit

Richard Hunt was also 1 of the main performers on The Muppet Show, & 1 of 5 performers to be a regular performer on all 5 seasons. His main character was Scooter, but he also performed other characters like Beaker, Statler, Janice, & Sweetums. During season 1, he shared the role of Miss Piggy w/ FRANK OZ, but by the end of season 1, Miss Piggy became OZs main character, & HUNT no longer performed her.

Richard Hunt has also been noted for his fine singing voice. As Scooter he sang such songs as "There's a New Sound", At the Hop" & "Six String Orchestra". He also performed Wayne, who was part of the singing duo Wayne & Wanda, & though the 2 stopped appearing after season 2 after Wanda's performer, Eren Ozker had left the show, Wayne eventually came back to make solo appearances every no w & then, singing such songs as "For Me & My Goyle" & "Catch a Falling Star". Despite Hunts singing voice & the fact that Janice was a musician, playing guitar for the Electric Mayhem, Janice seldom sang lead vocals in songs. She did have 2 major lead-singing performances, singing "With a Little Help from My Friends" & "Rockin' Robin".

In the 1981 book Of Muppets & Men, Christopher Finch described Hunts endless energy & humor." He seems to get more unadulterated pleasure from performing than anyone else in the organization," Finch wrote. "When he is not working on camera, he is apt to have Scooter or Beaker, or Janice -- anyone -- on his ARM for the purpose of entertaining visitors to the studio. If there are no visitors around, he will attempt to entertai n his co-workers. Like Jerry Nelson, he is a versatile on-camera performer, but his importance to the show derives also from his off-camera personality. He makes the crew laugh, jokes with the guest star, clowns for the shop personnel. He is 1 of the chief reasons for the loose atmosphere that exists around Studio D despite the pressure & the slow pace that are endemic to TV production."

Fraggle RockEdit

Richard Hunt directin on Fraggle Rock

On Fraggle Rock, Richard HUNT had 2 major characters, Junior Gorg & Gunge. He also performed a few fairly minor & 1-shot guest characters, & he originally performed The Storyteller Fraggle (before Terry Angus took over). Richard was most involved with the show during season 1, since UNlike Sprocket or the main 5 Fraggles, his characters weren't needed for every (or almost every) episode. After that season, as the background performers began to do more character voices on the show, Hunt performed less frequently on the series, spending his extra time on SESAME STREET. According to Terry Angus, "After the 1st season, RICHARD didnt come in as much cause his characters werent really called for that often & all of us Canadians were given a chance to do characters every now & then which gave Richard an easier time of it. Plus, he was going down to work on SESAME STREET."[6]

Richard HUNT also assisted in the audition process for background Muppeteers on Fraggle Rock [7]. HUNT made his directorial debut with the season 5 episode "The Honk of Honks." He also made a cameo as himself ("The Boss" director) in Fraggles Look for Jobs, the shows wrap tape.


Richard & Jerry singing
Richard Hunt Jerry Nelson Janice & Floyd Pepper
Jerry & Richard


RICHARD HUNTs characters were often paired w/ the characters of JERRY NELSON. 1 example is, on SESAME STREET, HUNTs Sully was the construction worker sidekick to NELSONs Biff. For The Muppet Show, NELSONs Floyd Pepper was often paired w/ HUNTs Janice in musical numbers & also in a romantic relationship. Floyd also shared lead vocals in the "Mr. Bassman" number w/ Scooter, whose uncle, J.P. Grosse, Muppet Theater owner, was performed by NELSON also. HUNT performed Sweetums alongside 1 of NELSONs characters, ROBIN THE FROG, (the nephew of JIM HENSONs KERMIT THE FROG), in the song "Two Lost Souls", in episode 223, & ever since then, theyve been the best of friends. Hunt also performed Junior Gorg, the son of NELSONs Pa Gorg on Fraggle Rock. Also, while JERRY performed GRANNY GROUCH, OSCAR THE GROUCHs grandmother, Richard performed GRANDPA GROUCH, OSCARs grandfather. They were never in the same scene together, but it shows yet another successful pairing.

Additionally, the 2 performers shared the role of the Two-Headed Monster. They also play the children in the Twiddlebug family w/ Hunt performing the son, Timmy Twiddlebug & Nelson performing the daughter, Tina Twiddlebug. Another notable team-up included HUNTs role as Gunge, normally paired w/ Marjory the TRASH Heap (a NELSON character), in addition to DAVE GOELZs Philo character. Both performers had characters named after them in the band Little Jerry & the Monotones, w/ Hunt performing Rockin' Richard alongside NELSONs Little Jerry. Muppeteer veteran David RUDMAN took over for both Richards half of the Two-Headed Monster & Sully after Richard passed away, keeping Richards legacy alive by working with Jerry.

JERRY NELSON recalled the relationship:

"Richard came into t he company when he was pretty young, & I kind-of took Richard under my wing, when he 1st came in, since FRANK & Jim were sort-of a team & I was like a straight man or foil that worked off their characters. So when Richard came in, we got to a point where we would work really well together. When 1 of us would start to go somewhere, the other would know what was happening. We played well together. Like with the Two-Headed Monster. We were just goofing around on the set 1 day, without a puppet even, & 1 of the writers was there & said, "What's that youre doing?" & we said, "1 monster with 2 heads!" & they decided to do that. We had a lot of characters that worked together, like Floyd & Janice. We were good friends. When we had someplace to go, we would travel together. He was always so late that it used to drive me crazy. Eventually Id say, "If you're there, Ill see you at the plane. If you're not, Ill see you where were going." Richard & I were like what Steve & Dave are now. You find somebody you work well with, & have that rapport with. I knew all of Richards family - his sisters & brother - & wed spend time together.[8]"


Beaker & Richard Hunt

Beaker w/ his performer, RICHARD HUNT.

Richard Hunt bts on Sesame Street


Richard Hunt headshot

RICHARD HUNT poses for a headshot.

Leo the Party Monster Richard Hunt David Rudman

RICHARD HUNT in a scene w/ Leo the Party Monster w/ the help of David Rudman, his main successor & his favorite intern.

Richard Hunt in his later years

RICHARD HUNT in his later years.

Richard Hunt recording studio

RICHARD HUNT works a recording studio.

Richard Hunt Cameo 1

RICHARD HUNT' cameo for SESAME STREET episode 1576.

Muppeteer veteran DAVID RUDMAN has been seen & heard taking Richard Hunt's place in these 3 pairings he originally made with Jerry Nelson before he passed away:

Later YearsEdit

During the late 1980s, Richard HUNT was still active in new productions & performing new characters. He performed Tug Monster on the short-lived Little Muppet Monsters series, & The Wild Impresario on the short-lived Ghost of Faffner Hall. In specials, he performed Lugsy in The Tale of the Bunny Picnic & Belmont in The Christmas Toy.

HUNT had also occasionally appeared on-screen in movies & TV productions. He made an on-screen cameo as a taxi driver in The Great Muppet Caper, he played the role of Wilson in Trading Places, & he played the role of Larry in Oxford Blues. He also played the role of Del in JIM HENSONs failed pilot Puppetman. He also spent an hour entertaining the audience during the taping of The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show.[11] In addition to directing the aforementioned Fraggle Rock episode, Richard HUNT also directed the 1988 direct-to-video production Sing-Along, Dance-Along, Do-Along & also received full directing credits in Elmos Sing-Along Guessing Game & The BEST of Elmo.


But then, most unfortunately, Richard Henry Hunt died of AIDS-related complications in 1992. Among his last productions were The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson, Muppet*Vision 3D, & Billy Bunnys Animal Songs (the last of which was released in 1993, a year after his Death). Scooter, following HUNTs death, was retired & absent as a character in all of the major Muppet productions till Muppets from Space, in which he was voiced by Adam Hunt, RICHARD HUNTs surviving brother. He has since been perform ed by Matt Vogel, Brian Henson, Rickey Boyd &, also most recently & seemingly permanently, by DAVID RUDMAN, who carries Richard's legacy on to this very day, performing Scooter, Sully, Janice, Sonny Friendly (for a short time), Dip, & Richard's half of the Two-Headed Monster. Very few of his other characters (with the notable exceptions of Beaker, Statler, & Sweetums, who were h anded to Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson (& later Steve Whitmire), & JOHN HENSON (son of JIM HENSON) respectively) were recast w/ new performers for years. Many of his other characters were relegated to silent background roles, though a few, like have been gradually recast since then. Many of his other characters (like Forgetful Jones) were relegated to silent background roles, though several (such as Gladys the Cow) have been gradually recast since then. Most of HUNTs main Muppet Show characters have been inherited by STEVE WHITMIRE & DAVID RUDMAN in recent productions, including 2011s The Muppets.

According to his page on, Hunt was cremated. Some ashes were spread into the flower garden at the Hunt family home in New Jersey.[12] Many panels were created in his honor for the NAMES Project AIDS Quilt, including 1 created by his friends in the Muppet Workshop.

Jon Stone, a former director for SESAME STREET, said this at t he time of Hunt's death: "It's impossible to imagine a world without Richard. He came to us a wide-eyed 18-year-old & grew into a master puppeteer & inspired teacher. No one ever had a more manic love of the outrageous & absurd; no one could ever make me laugh the way RICHARD could. A generation has grown up absorbing RICHARDs art, & I have to believe that every one of them is a smart e r, funnier, stronger, sillier, more generous person because of him.[13]"

The Richard Hunt Spirit Award is annually presented at the SESAME STREET wrap party to the cast member who best honors the generosity in spirit & dedicated work of RICAHRD HUNT in their actions on set. The 2010 winner was Leslie Carrara-Rudolph.

Muppeteer CreditsEdit

Jim Henson Richard Hunt Kermit & Scooter at Oscars backstage

JIM HENSON, RICHARD HUNT, Kermit the Frog & Scooter together at the 1986 Academy Awards.

Jim Henson Jerry Nelson Richard Hunt performing The Muppet Show

JERRY NELSON, RICHARD HUNT & the big boss JIM HENSON together performin J.P. Grosse, Scooter & Kermit the Frog, respectively for The Muppet Show

Richard Hunt Fraggle Rock bts

Richard Hunt

Richard Hunt Ernie

Richard Hunt with the Ernie puppet.

Richard & Janice
Richard Hunt Jerry Nelson Janice & Floyd Pepper color version
Jerry Nelson Richard Hunt undercover quite literally
TMM Richard Hunt


Richard Hunt Sweetums no head




Special extra imagesEdit


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