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DEBUT 1986

SOPHIE is another of OSCAR THE GROUCHs pet elephants. She appeared once in Learning About Letters, when Telly Monster showed the viewers something that began with the letter E. Telly Monster knocked on OSCARs TRASH CAN once. OSCAR suddenly pops up & says, "What do you want?". Telly replies with, "Uh, Im not here to see you, OSCAR." OSCAR says "Oh, good" & ducks right back down into his TRASH CAN. Telly knocked again & OSCAR comes up again & says "What?". Telly says, "Uh, Im here to see FLUFFY & SOPHIE & BLITZEN & SCHOPENHAUER." OSCAR says, "Well why didn't ya say so in the 1st place?" He goes back down & says, "Hey, Pachyderms Four, someone to see ya." Then, suddenly, 4 elephant trunks come up. Telly holds a sign with the letter E on it. He says, "E. As in elephants."




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