Spot 1
DEBUT 1985
Spot 2

SPOT, over 20 years later

SPOT is OSCAR THE GROUCHs pet pig that lives inside his TRASH CAN on SESAME STREET.

In his earlier appearances (including episode 1589, EPISODE 1648 & episode 2073), a live pig was used for the character. In later appearances, a Muppet pig was used instead, including EPISODE 3152, where he was seen as 1 of the animals making noise so OSCAR can forget the SESAME STREET "Theme" lingering in his head.

Although not featured on screen, in EPISODE 3782, SPOT was said to be missing fellow pet SLIMEY (who had gone to the moon) & he was heard using a jackhammer to help get Curly Bear to take her nap in episode 4078.

SPOT re-appeared on camera in episode 4178 where he received a MUDbath from Mike Rowe.




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