Scenes cut from The Adventures of Elmo in GROUCHland before its release. These scenes, however, were still described & photographed in a companion storybook.

EIG Deleted-Officer
BIG BIRD, Maria, & TELLY MONSTER engage a GROUCHland officer in looking for Elmo, which lands them in jail.
EIG Deleted-Jail 1

EIG Deleted-Jail 2
In an effort to break out of the GROUCHland jail, Gordon tricks the officer into staring at a stain on the ceiling. They swipe his keys & pass them through the cells. However, once they reach COOKIE MONSTER, he eats them.
EIG Deleted-Bedtime
After Elmos encounter with the Humongous Chicken, Huxley prepares for bed & makes sure he has his "wubey" (Elmos blanket).



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