The Cupcake Caper
Written by Diane Namm
Illustrator Mary Grace Eubank
Published 1987
Publisher Western Publishing
Series BIG BIRD StoryMagic

The Cupcake Caper is a 1987 SESAME STREET storybook published by Ideal Toys for the "BIG BIRD StoryMagic" toy set.

BIG BIRD, in the book, is charged with solving a mystery: Cookie Monster claims that somebody stole his brand new box of cupcakes, & OSCAR THE GROUCH has the empty box in his TRASH CAN. HE is so confident that HE can get to the bottom of it, that HE promises to buy Cookie a new box if HE cant find them. In the end, it is left to the listener to conclude that Cookie Monster ate them all himself! BIG BIRD never quite gets to this conclusion. It is a classic example of empowering the kids by letting them feel just a little bit smarter than the characters.

CAROLL SPINNEY recorded the voices of BIG BIRD & OSCAR THE GROUCH, & FRANK OZ the voice of Cookie Monster, for the accompanying cassette tape. There are 2 songs on the accompanying cassette tape, "Detective BIRD " & "Mystery Song" both written by Dave Conner.

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