3612 f
PERFORMER Rosie O'Donnell
DEBUT 1996

The Fairy GROUCHmother appears in SESAME STREET EPISODE 3612.

As the episode begins OSCAR tells Maria & Gabi how much he LOVES his TRASH with a cover of I LOVE TRASH. He adds hed LOVE to have enough TRASH to fill his entire TRASH CAN. His wish is heard by his Fairy GROUCHmother (Rosie O'Donnell), who appears in a puff of smog & says she can get the job done. OSCAR goes to evacuate his PETS, though Maria, Gabi & even his GROUCHmother arent sure its a good idea.

SLIMEY, FLUFFY, IAGO, SPOT & LASSIE are all out on the street as OSCAR prepares for his wish to be granted. His GROUCHmother consults her magic book & comes up with a spell that fills his TRASH CAN to the brim with TRASH (along with some overflow surrounding it). OSCAR is very pleased, but his PETS dont seem too thrilled.

OSCARs Fairy GROUCHmother re-appears, baring a message to OSCAR from his PETS - they say theyre leaving for good, since OSCAR loves his TRASH more than them. OSCAR realizes the error of his ways & wishes to get rid of the TRASH. The GROUCHmother tells him she only grants GROUCHY wishes & she cant (or more accurately, wont) do anything, leaving OSCAR to fix the problem himself.

OSCAR gives away the TRASH to some less-fortunate GROUCHES (including GRUNDGETTA). His Fairy GROUCHmother re-appears & learns of OSCARs plan. He hopes now his PETS will come back to him, but sadly isnt even sure where they are. His GROUCHmother hastily splits, while OSCAR sings about his love for his PETS (to the tune of "I LOVE TRASH").

Suddenly, OSCAR hears the sounds of his PETS & discovers theyre back home! Gabi figures out the GROUCHmother convinced them to come back & promises not to tell anyone the fairy did something nice. As OSCAR has a happy reunion with his PETS, Maria announces the sponsors.




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