Scramalot 2
Groany Award winners: the

Knights of SCRAMalot
DEBUT 2006

The Groany Award is a GROUCH award, spoofing the famous Tony Award. Accordin' to OSCAR THE GROUCH, the GROUCH play SCRAMalot is also so ROTTEN it won a total of 10 Groany Awards.

In the sketch, the Knights of SCRAMalot put on their rendition of the musical SCRAMalot. However, the musical numbers are frequently interrupted by the GROUCHES' inability to rhyme.

Ultimately, the Knights decide to argue, rather than just finish the play. OSCAR says he loves the theater & then he tells the viewers, "Hey the show's over, so SCRAM...a lot!" & disappears into his TRASH CAN.

This performance shows how SCRAMalot is worthy of so many Groany Awards.



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