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Music by Sam Pottle
Lyrics by Tony Geiss
Publisher SESAME STREET Inc.

"The GROUCHs Lullaby" was sung by OSCAR THE GROUCH in an attempt to help BIG BIRD go back to sleep & was written for the SESAME STREET album Sleepytime BIRD.




Sleep sleep sleep x 2
Go to sleep, my LITTLE CREEP
Born to grow in a big TRASH HEAP
Dream of kettles, pots & pans
Broken bottles & Rusty cans
..Rusty cans...
& lovely nights when the moon & stars
Shine on 1000 abandoned cars
Now hush, hush-a-bye, like a pig in a sty
Thats The GROUCHs Lullaby.
Sleep sleep sleep x 2
Go to sleep, my LITTLE SQUIRT
Dream of REFUSE & dream of dirt
Worn out cartons & oily rags
Sidewalks loaded with GARBAGE bags
Lovely days when the morning shines
On half-a-page of the New York Times
May you always have toys to smash
Broken treasures & a lot of TRASH
& spots on your tie & flies in your pie
Thats The GROUCHs Lullaby
Thats The GROUCHs Lullaby
The GROUCHs Lullaby!


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