The Grouchketeers 1

GRUNDGETTA with the GROUCHketeers.

Doin' the Grouch

The GROUCHketeers doing the Doin' the GROUCH dance.

2040 k

OSCAR reads to the GROUCHketeers.

"How can you tell a GROUCHketeer? Hes the one with the thumb in his ear!"

The GROUCHketeers, like the BIRDketeers are a group of real kids dressed in costumes based on their leader, in this case OSCAR THE GROUCH. OSCAR depends on them to help him demonstrate things to the viewer (such as a game of Three of These Things), help him make things TRASHY or noisy, & sometimes even find him some more TRASH for his collection. TELLY MONSTER was a long-time GROUCHketeer.

1 early appearance in episode 1952 featured GRUNDGETTA leading a GROUCHketeer meeting & playing "Cross it Out". GRUNDGETTA calls the kids up & asks them to cross out a different thing on her card. David calls her out on something; the kids are good at crossing things out, but shes done nothing. She gets the card & crosses the whole thing out.

The group did a dance called "The NO-NO-NO!" in 1 episode; Elmo was a member at the time. (The song is included on the album, Hot! Hot! Hot! Dance Songs.)

In EPISODE 3963, Rosita had requested to be a GROUCHketeer also, & was GROUCHY cause she couldnt be one. She then became so ANGRY at OSCAR, that he was really impressed & made Rosita a GROUCHketeer.

The club was last featured during season 38.




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