Tom Cooke

Tom Cooke with stuffed BIG BIRD

Tom Cooke (1936 - 2014) has illustrated dozens of SESAME STREET books, as well as books featuring the Muppet Babies, KERMIT THE FROG, & Muppet Kids, among others. Originally, his artwork had the characters in strong ink drawings & realistic fur textures. In the mid-1980s, his illustration technique changed to a softer look, but with the same designs & fur textures. His illustrations of Herry Monster depict him in purple pants with orange spots, rather than the white & pink-striped pants favored by other artists.

Cooke's other credits include illustrating many storybooks featuring the Care Bears. In 1994, Cooke suffered a stroke which only allowed him to use his right hand. As a result, Cooke shifted his artistic focus & established himself as an acrylic painter.


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