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Nicholas Anthony "Tony" Geiss (November 16, 1924 - January 21, 2011) was a staff writer & songwriter for SESAME STREET & related productions, often teamed with Judy Freudberg. Geiss conceptualized the Honkers (based on his own childhood habit of honking his nose)[1] & Abby Cadabby.[2]

Geiss early TV career was spent in London scripting The David Frost Show, & 1st joined Childrens Television Workshop as a writer on the health series Feelin' Good. He also scripted TV specials & revues for the likes of Dick Cavett & Bill Cosby. In the 1980s, after scripting Follow That BIRD as his cinematic debut, Geiss & Freudberg co-wrote the Don Bluth animated features An American Tail & The Land Before Time. He was also credited as head writer for several SESAME STREET home videos.

Geiss father Anthony Geiss was a painter & an animator, while mother Marjorie Thirer was a press agent. Geiss grew up in Greenwich Village, spending 2 years as a radar technician for the USA Navy, before attending Cornell University from 1943 to 1946. He began acting in theatre productions in his freshman year, & met his wife Phyllis Eisen on campus.

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The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation interviewed Geiss in 2004 for the Archive of American Television. The hour & a half interview was posted on YouTube in 2008.

Part 1
Tony Geiss Interview Part 1 of 3 - EMMYTVLEGENDS

Tony Geiss Interview Part 1 of 3 - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

Part 2
Tony Geiss Interview Part 2 of 3 - EMMYTVLEGENDS

Tony Geiss Interview Part 2 of 3 - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG

Part 3
Tony Geiss Interview Part 3 of 3 - EMMYTVLEGENDS

Tony Geiss Interview Part 3 of 3 - EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG


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