Trash Can

A standard sized normal TRASH CAN.

Of all the several different ROTTEN kinds of places that GROUCHES normally like to live in, TRASH CANs have always been the most frequent choice. While some GROUCHES live in dumpsters, city dumps, even landfills. However, some GROUCHES live in broken cars, crummy old houses, (& in a few cases, "YUCKY beautiful houses"), most GROUCHES just end up living in TRASH CANS for the most part. OSCAR THE GROUCH says its also his personal favorite place to live too. OSCAR THE GROUCH of SESAME STREET lives in a TRASH CAN, which is also just the most famous TRASH CAN in the entire world. As expected, for the most part all of the "nice" people or Monsters, BIRDS, & animals might think living in a TRASH CAN is disgusting & unhealthy, GROUCHES, being the way they are, find it quite nice & satisfying.

TRASH CANS used in normal cultureEdit

For years, TRASH CANS have been used as storage places for TRASH or anything that should NEVER be thrown on the ground, on the street, or anywhere that is popular as a social event gathering area. TRASH CANS being created for just that is the main reason why so many GROUCHES live in them, because the thing all GROUCHES LOVE most of all is TRASH.

TRASH CANS have been made in many different shapes & sizes over the years, each design able to hold a certain amount of TRASH, some of which have the strength to hold more than others.

TRASH CANS used as GROUCHES homesEdit

While the TRASH CAN seen on SESAME STREET serves as the private domain of OSCAR THE GROUCH, it was seen in The Adventures of Elmo in GROUCHland, several other GROUCHES who live in GROUCHland U.S.A chose to live in TRASH CANS. OSCARs cousin, SMILING GEORGE, despite being a friendly GROUCH, lives in a YELLOW TRASH CAN, that has a smiling face on the back of the lid.


Oscar's trash can 1

OSCARs TRASH CAN: the most popular TRASH CAN in the world.

Oscar the Grouch 4

OSCAR THE GROUCH peacefully complaining in his TRASH CAN.

While seeming to be the size of a normal TRASH CAN, OSCARs TRASH CAN is a whole lot larger inside than the exterior would suggest. OSCAR has noted through the years that it boasts such amenities as a farm, swimming pool, ice rink, bowling alley & a piano. Other items include SLIMEY, OSCARs pet WORM as well as FLUFFY, OSCARs pet elephant; OSCARs shoes & a dimension gate to GROUCHland USA, OSCARs hometown. It also contains (most likely), hundreds of mounds of TRASH.

OSCARs TRASH CAN has been shown for over 50 years, since the dawn of SESAME STREET. 1 tradition is whenever OSCAR sings "I LOVE TRASH", his signature song, he is always shown at his TRASH CAN, & nowhere else. A frequent guest to OSCARs TRASH CAN is OSCARs girlfriend, GRUNDGETTA, who has, as she once stated once stayed in the TRASH CAN, when OSCAR was away.

Some TRASH CANS cant store as much as others, as theyre NOT always the same size. OSCARs TRASH CAN, however, being a 3.5 foot deep TRASH CAN, has proven that it can store as many things as OSCAR wants. Its been shown that one must not underestimate OSCAR THE GROUCH or just how much stuff he has inside of his TRASH CAN.

For the most part very few of the "nice" residents of SESAME STREET dare venture into the bowels of the municipal TRASH CAN. However, key exceptions have occurred over the years. While BIG BIRD was helping get ready for Miles' arrival on SESAME STREET, a lonely Mr. Snuffleupagus entered the TRASH CAN to play catch w/ FLUFFY in episode 2122. Wanda Cousteau sought refuge in the TRASH CAN in episode 3161 as a hiding place from the hungry Wolfgang the Seal. When Gina is studying to become a vet in episode 3787 she goes down into the TRASH CAN through the back door & successfully removes a splinter from FLUFFY's foot w/ some elephants' tweezers. In a season 19 insert, Linda sat in the TRASH CAN when filling in for an "Ask OSCAR" segment. In a season 12 segment (found in SESAME STREET: 40 Years of SUNNY Days) in which OSCAR & BRUNO go to the movies, the various humans (& Barkley) arrive from inside the TRASH CAN as well.

Also, the inside of OSCARs TRASH CAN was depicted on-camera for the 1st time in The Adventures of Elmo in GROUCHland. OSCAR has a door in his TRASH CAN to take people to GROUCHland USA. Elmo enters in search of his blanket & later a rescue party follows suit: BIG BIRD, Gordon, Maria, Telly Monster, Zoe, & Cookie Monster. BIG BIRD in particular has a hard time fitting inside the TRASH CANs narrow opening.


Donald Grump 2

Donald GRUMP in his TRASH CAN.

Another famous TRASH CAN known to GROUCHES is that of Donald GRUMP, a famous GROUCH who has more TRASH than any other GROUCH in the world (& often brags to others about it). It is said that he has so much TRASH that it spills out of his TRASH CAN.

The TRASH CAN, like Donald GRUMP has made 1 known appearance to date, in SESAME STREET EPISODE 4104, in which Donald GRUMP is looking for a GROUCH apprentice to help him to sort all of his TRASH, some of which the chosen apprentice would get even to keep at the end. OSCAR THE GROUCH, GRUNDGETTA, OmaGROSSa, SWAMPy, & even Elmo contended for the job. Elmo eventually won since he did every job correctly, but was instantly fired for doing everything correctly. Even despite this setback, ELMO was awarded GRUMPs hairpiece (which is not a real loss, since he has several of them).

With only OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA left Donald GRUMP actually makes them both his helper cause of their really ROTTEN attitude. But when they learn they have to help to sort through his TRASH in order to get some, they both decide not to be his helper & fire Donald GRUMP. Donald GRUMP departs right there in a taxi w/ his TRASH as OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA both just enjoy repeatedly sayin the Donald GRUMP trademark phrase, "SCRAM, Youre Fired!" to each other. It is still unknown what actually happened to Donald GRUMPs TRASH CAN.

Other TRASH CANS As depicted in episodes 2648 & 2899 when OSCAR took Bob to GROUCHYtown, most GROUCHES who live there live in their own TRASH CAN.

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