PERFORMER Tracey Ullman
DEBUT 1989
YouTube Default "My Unfair Lady"

TRASHa is a British seller of old fish who acts, talks, & sounds exactly like a real GROUCH does. TRASHa appears in an episode of SESAME STREET in a spoof of My Fair Lady with OSCAR THE GROUCH & his girlfriend GRUNDGETTA. In that spoof skit, she tries to teach GRUNDGETTA to say "Fish! Old fish!" w/ a Cockney accent.

GRUNDGETTA doesnt get it at the beginning & she says TRASHa mustve been born soundin' the way that she talks. TRASHa is shocked & says that she wasnt born the GROUCHY seller of old fish that OSCAR & GRUNDGETTA are looking at. TRASHa then confesses that she used to be nice, sweet, & cute, which completely grosses the GROUCHES out. So then, TRASHa tells them the story of the day she started taking lessons from the legendary Professor Piggins on how to sound like him, which she eventually succeeded at. GRUNDGETTA tries 1 more time, & she sounds just like TRASHa on her very next try! (TRASHa: "I think shes got it!" GRUNDGETTA: "Old fish!" TRASHa: "By George, shes got it!" OSCAR: Wow!)




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