Trashgiving Day
Bob on a visual representation of the origin

of TRASHgiving day
DEBUT 2013

TRASHgiving is a GROUCH holiday introduced in EPISODE 4324 of SESAME STREET.

The holidays origins arent made clear in the episode, showing that just like the real Thanksgiving, it celebrates the arrival of the Dispilgrims on their boat, the Maysour. It also seems to celebrate the settlement between the native slugs & WORMS.

The traditions on the holiday include decorating bare sticks with stinky old GARBAGE, eating steaming hot bowls of glob & the gathering of GROUCH families, who then complain about each other. They also sing the traditional TRASHgiving carol (which resembles Over the River & Through the Woods). There is also the annual TRASHgiving Day Parade, featuring music, clowns, floats & balloons.



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